Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Toaster fit for a Queen

A Dualit toaster should be arriving this week. My old toaster didn’t make toast – it just either burnt the bread or put a few uneven brown marks on it. Everyone is going to be jealous when they see it. When I put marmalade on my toast – made by none other than Prince Charles – my marmalade will be very grateful for top notch toast. I will keep you posted about my toast……


Anonymous said...

What has been happening with the toast?! THE TOAST!

Margaret said...

Hi anonymous - As you quite rightly have pointed out, I never did finish the story about the toast.
Well to update - the toaster still works (now that's a miracle in itself) and I bought a matching kettle much to my OH's surprise (the kettle is very noisy though).
I have in my time had lots of toasters. Most bought on price but even so good brands. Either they don't toast properly or the bread is too large for the toaster. Then, moving onto crumpets, well they either got stuck, burnt or just gave up the fight.
I don't eat toast that often and have to say this time I didn't go for practicality but purely good looks (same with the kettle, a thing of beauty).
Anyway, the toaster lives on and has pride of place in my kitchen!