Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Butchering of "Sir Loin"

We bought a huge piece of sirloin beef – the only meat to be knighted (that is other than a person!!). There are a few legends surrounding why it was dubbed “Sir Loin” but I know better than to print which I think is the true version. Anyway, the hubby decided to take on the role of a surgeon when presented with the task of cutting the said piece of meat into steaks and joints. Apron on, scrubs up, knife to the ready. Help!!

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Mike said...

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for your comment on my post about rebellious beef brisket. I broke another rule and got from the supermarket instead of our brilliant local butcher who was closed.

I don't kknow about sirloin though. Nigel Slater (we are not worthy) reckons and I think I agree that rump has a better taste and texture. But you know, I'm not goingt to argue with any steak put in front of me. They're all great.