Friday, November 09, 2007

Hotel Chocolat Competition Winner

Hotel Chocolat have announced the winner of their recent competition from this site. They received lots of heart-felt entries and found it very difficult choosing a winner. The wonderful prize of a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne went to Ray who is one of my visitors.

Here is his winning entry:

I know my wife Marion deserves this surprise because I have always had her support and love since we got together when we were only 17 (we are now 54. That love and support has carried through to our children and family members. I tell her often what she means to me but her having the chocolat and me watching her enjoying the delight of it will say more than words ever can.

Well done Ray! We hope your wife enjoys this magnificent prize.

1 comment :

Kelly-Jane said...

What a lovely husband, hope they make her feel appreciated =)

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