Friday, September 12, 2008

I've Just Met My First Food Blogger!

I met up for the first time with Jan, from What Do I Want To Cook Today, in Shrewsbury this week.

We had planned to go on Farmer's Market Day, which is held on the first Friday of each month. Unfortunately, this wasn't to be, it had been raining all week and torrential rain was forecast for our meet up. We had no choice but to rearrange our day out, and although it rained for the first couple of hours it eased up and then we had dry, sun and yes - more rain!

We had a really enjoyable day out and even though we had never met before the conversation never dried up! Jan is wonderful company and we soon felt at ease with each other. What did we speak about - well everything under the sun really!

One of the shops Jan found fascinating was Setonaikai an oriental shop. This was an Aladdin's cave for cooks, and Jan, who has a passion for cooking dishes from around the world, found lots of ingredients she had been searching for and many others as well - take a look at her food blog for some inspiring mealtime ideas.

Lunch was at The Peach Tree Restaurant situated near the River Severn. We then made our way around parts of Shrewsbury that we didn't get time to see in the morning. A coffee stop, then the return train journey home.

We both agreed it had been a wonderful day and you never know, we might just do it again!


Jan said...

Aww Maggie - I really enjoyed our day too. As you said conversation wasn't a problem for us!
We must do Birmingham next I think!
Thank you for such a good day.
Jan x

Antonia said...

That sounds like such a fun day! How lovely to meet another food blogger face-to-face.

nicisme said...

I am so glad you both had such an enjoyable day! That shop looks fantastic - you would have to drag me away from there.

Trekkie said...

I've only ever met one other blogger (Ruthe from Ruth's Kitchen's Experiments) and I know what you mean about the conversation never drying up. So glad you had fun.

Margaret said...

I'm pleased to hear that you too Lynn (Trekkie) have met a fellow food blogger.

Rosie said...

I am pleased you both had such a lovely time :) Must be lovely to meet up with another food blogger.

Rosie x

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