Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charbonnel et Walker Review

Victoria, who represents Charbonnel et Walker noticed I wrote a short posting regarding a mystery gift sent through the post to me a couple of years ago and asked if I would like to introduce you to some of their very special chocolates.

I will give you a brief history of Charbonnel et Walker, as sent to me, by them:

Their flagship store on Old Bond Street, is their oldest store, they have been at Old Bond Street since 1875. All of their chocolates are handmade in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Many are made to Madame Charbonnel’s original recipes. they specialise in traditional English favourites such as Rose & Violet Creams etc.

They were established in 1875 when King Edward VII (then the Prince of Wales) visited Paris and met Madame Charbonnel who was a chocolatier for the Maison Boissier chocolate house. He loved her chocolates so much he persuaded her to come back to London to set up business with Mrs Walker on Old Bond Street. They have connections with the Royal Household ever since and feel much pride and privilege to be endorsed with Her Majesty’s Royal Warrant.

You can also read more about the history of Charbonnel et Walker on their website.

English Rose & Violet Creams

English Rose & Violet Creams are one of Charbonnel et Walker's most renowned products. The essential oils used in these are Traditional Attar's; oils extracted from the petals of these flowers. Each chocolate is finished with a crystallised petal. These are plain chocolates with a minimum of 60% cocoa solids. May I suggest eating the petal first before eating the chocolate cream, somehow this seems to be the optimum way to enjoy them!

These were just so pretty it was difficult to bring myself to eat any of them - I didn't want to spoil the box of chocolates and I left tasting these until last. I just wanted to sit and look at these beautiful chocolates.

Banoffee Truffles

Banoffee Truffles are one of their newest truffle creations and described by them as a delicious, handmade creation of white chocolate, butter, natural banana extracts and caramel enrobed in a milk chocolate shell.

They have described these truffles much better than I could and all I can say is think 'banoffee pie'!

The box isn't particularly easy on the eye, but when you lift the lid and are met with the banoffee aroma you can forgive them.

The Classics Book Box Milk & Plain Assortment - you can see the menu card here.

An assortment of both plain and milk chocolates. The chocolate to the left in the photograph is Truffle Cafe - a smooth truffle centre with a wonderful coffee flavour coming through.
Fudge Chocolate - to the right in the photograph, with a firm chocolate fudge centre.

All of the above are smooth chocolate with extremely flavoursome centres and I am very privileged to have been given the opportunity to taste them. They are definitely the most special chocolates to have ever made an appearance in my house.

May I suggest:

English Rose & Violet Creams perhaps for a very special Grandmother.
Banoffee Truffles for a special person in your life.
Classic Book Box Milk & Plain Assortment for an after dinner treat.

Victoria also sent me some literature outlining their Christmas 2009 range of festive chocolates and listed below are a few of them.

For her: Ettinger for Charbonnel et Walker Pink Leather Chocolate and Jewel Box.
For him: Port and Cranberry Truffles.
For grownup children: Drinking Chocolate and Mug Gift Set.
For small children: Milk Chocolate Assorted Christmas Shapes.

Now, I can only hope my husband reads this posting............................

Thank you Victoria.


Janice said...

Margaret - that is just not fair! Tempting us with gorgeous C&W chocs. I love the rose and violet creams, but all the others look yummy too.

Bellini Valli said...

Now you've gone and done it. Off to the store I go for some chocolate:D

The Caked Crusader said...

Lucky you!

If anyone wants to send me free banoffee truffles please get in touch!!!!!!

Talita said...

How lovely! Mouth watering!

Juliana said...

Oh! These chocolate look so delicious, totally mouth-watering...could have them at any time :-)

Jan said...

Yes lucky you Maggie! Those chocolates do look amazing.

Sophie said...

Lucky you!! I love those chocolates,..all of them!!

It is impossible to choose wich one to eat!!!

Margaret said...

Thank you for your comments - I felt very lucky to receive these chocolates.
I promise, they are totally delicious.

Heavenly Housewife said...

Wow, thats some good stuff :)

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