Thursday, September 16, 2010


CSN Stores has amazing online stores where you can find everything from great cookware to beautiful wardrobes to chic lighting pieces!

I have a few items in the pipeline to review for Cookware By CSN, and more online shopping to do at their stores.

Shopping with CSN Stores couldn't be easier and the prices are great too!


Lin, pain d'├ępices et chocolat said...

Some time ago, I read in a classic English book, (I think it was 84, Charing Cross road but I am not sure) something about a Susses Pond cake. I had no idea what it was (I am French and live in France and had never heard of it).I searched the Internet and reached your blog.
I think it is absolutely gorgeous, I love the way you present the recipes, On top of being a good cook, you are an excellent photographer!. Congratulations! If you allow me, I would like to mention it on my blog.

Lin, pain d'├ępices et chocolat said...

Thank you so much for your nice answer. I am preparing a post about your blog, because it is really worth knowing, and many people understand English in the blogosphere.(do you use that word in English?)

Margaret said...

Hello Lin

Yes, we use the word English.

If you wish to contact me you can use my email address

Margaret said...

Hello Lin

I think you meant is blogosphere used in English - yes it is.
My email address is the same as above but without the www!!!


Juliana said...

Margaret...beautiful presentation...I always liked panna cotta, and yours look absolutely delicious...thanks for the link :-)

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