Thursday, January 25, 2007

Belu Water

Have you heard of the above natural mineral water? The name is pronounced Belloo or Blue. All profits go to clean water projects and every bottle bought gives someone clean water for a month. The water comes from two natural springs - one in Shropshire and one in the Black Mountains. Another interesting fact - they have brought out the UK's first compostable bio-bottle made from corn! Next time you buy a bottle of water, how about giving this beautiful water pride of place on the dinner table? For more information visit their wonderful website

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but three years on Belu have still yet to record any profits.

As such, no money made from sales of Belu have gone to clean water projects. Instead they preferred to pay a daily fine for late submission of accounts!

To make it worse, it even transpired that the 'eco-friendly' compostable bottle is imported from Nevada, USA and cannot be composted without industrial machinery.

For a genuine charity water opt for Life, One or Frank...