2 Mar 2007

Well Oiled!?

The photograph shows a selection of oils I use on a regular basis. I'm not an expert on oils, so I buy the ones I've found to be fit for purpose.
Balsamic vinegar isn't something I use very often, I got fed up with balsamic vinegar being added to all sorts of food, often unnecessarily. I've tried it on strawberries, made strawberry icecream with balsamic vinegar and I'm still not totally convinced. However, I do love to dip good bread into extra virgin olive oil and then into thick balsamic vinegar. Heaven!!
I use sundried tomato oil when I am making a Parmesan and sundried tomato loaf, extra virgin olive oil also for breadmaking and salad dressings. A mild olive oil is used for frying and roasting, and vegetable oil for deep frying and high temperature cooking.
Sometimes, I think I love the oil bottles more than the oils inside of them - but thats girls for you!