27 May 2007

Charbonnel et Walker

A funny thing happened yesterday. The post delivery van brought a parcel addressed to me and on the franking label it said Charbonnel et Walker. My husband said maybe they were sending me a product to review on my blog - no said I, my address isn't on there and they definitely haven't been in contact with me.

I opened the box and there in front of me was a tin of Chocolat Charbonnel and a Pink Marc de Champagne Bar!!!

Now, why me? Why should I receive such wonderful goodies! They even sent it straight to me from their store in Old Bond Street, London. It arrived without a compliments slip, not even a congratulations! you have won a prize slip.

Did I enter a competition in the distant past and have forgotten about it (then why should I remember - I have only ever won a prize a couple of times).

We had a large mug of the chocolate drink this morning and it was wonderful. The chocolate flakes are in a cellophane bag within the blue and white tin. Take four heaped teaspoons of the flakes and mix with the same of boiling water. Whisking all the time, top up with boiling milk.

I made this with semi-skimmed milk and it wasn't too rich. If you use full cream milk then I would recommend using a smaller mug and only using two heaped teaspoons of chocolate flakes. The chocolate drink was smooth and velvety in texture. It is made from 51% cocoa solids. This is a truly luxurious drink.

Pink Marc de Champagne Bar - I had quite a shock to see a bar of pink chocolate in front of me!

This is a soft centred chocolate bar with a champagne chocolate filling. Unfortunately, this wasn't quite the sort of thing I would normally go for and I could only manage a small piece - well ok I'll have some more later!!