4 Feb 2008

Breakfast at the Wolseley

Yes - that was me! Did you see me in there a couple of Saturday's ago?
I chose the one decent Saturday in January when the sun shone all day, to take a trip to London from the West Midlands.
Every year in late January I go to London for the day and have a mother and son day.
Our birthdays are just four days apart, in what must be one of the most miserable months of the year.
This year our plan was foodie experiences.
We started the day at The Wolseley for breakfast . Neither of us are fans of 'The English Breakfast' and so we opted for Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs and Toasted Brioche. This was beautifully presented, although as you can imagine it was quite rich. Fruit juice and then one of the Wolseley's fabulous coffees. We decided at this point that neither of us were feeling full but as the breakfast had been quite rich, that it would be sensible not to order any more food, but to stop off a little later for further sustenance!
A few years ago, I went with my daughter and her new baby for Afternoon Tea at the Wolseley and I can highly recommend that too.
As we were in Piccadilly, we then walked along to see the revamped Fortnum & Mason.
I have been to this store a few times and have always felt in awe of this beautiful department store. We both felt sad at how clinical it felt. My son commented that there wasn't any love in the store. For me, it had lost its soul. Perhaps you would like to read this article by Guardian Unlimited on the Fortnum and Mason revamp.
The revamped sweeping staircases are breathtakingly beautiful as is the decor. I would love to revisit Fortnum & Mason again, now that I have overcome my shock at the revamp. After having had time to reflect, maybe the time had come for them to move on. Change is never easy and it just takes a little getting used to.
A sustenance break and then onto Divertimenti on the Brompton Road. We were both a little disappointed with the shop, I guess that's where sometimes you expect too much after looking at the online store. That said, where I live all of the kitchen equipment shops have disappeared and it was, therefore, a real treat looking at all the kitchen goodies.
Along the road we stopped at Patisserie Valerie to see all of the wonderful cakes that were on display in the window. Incidentally, there is also a shop more or less next to the Wolseley at Piccadilly.
We then came to Harrods (I've been a few times before). It was ridiculously busy and so we decided to move on!
Next stop was WholeFoods Market. By now we were very very weary and thought we would be able to get a decent meal here. Unfortunately, that wasn't our experience.
It was so busy, we found it difficult to get around the store to have a look at the food on the shelves. I guess next time, we would need to go first thing in the morning.
After all this, I said a fond farewell to my son and headed home, happy but worn out!
Now what shall we do for our Mum and Son day next year? Any suggestions anyone?