Friday, February 08, 2008

Hotel Chocolat - Valentine's Day Chocolate

My name is rather naughty, I'm called a 'Peepster Box' - 'The Love Selection'.
I come in a beautiful black box with a rope handle and bright pink label with the words Season of Love.
The wonderful people at Hotel Chocolat sent me by post, to an address in the West Midlands. Unfortunately for me, I've now been eaten up rather greedily by Mr Him and Mrs Her.

Now Mr Him and Mrs Her had a wonderful time with the chocolate love slabs, tasting them on your behalf. They started with the MILK LOVE SLAB - this has a pink cherry coloured ripple, crispy feuillentine (fo-yer-TEEN) praline textured with small pieces of crispy, oven baked pancakes (crepes dentelles), decorated with sour cherries and engraved with a chocolate heart. The pink chocolate is a softer texture than the milk chocolate. Fabulous.
Next they moved onto the MILK CHOCOLATE AND WHITE PRALINE FUSION, which is milk chocolate swirled with white chocolate hazelnut praline and this just melted in the mouth.
Now it was the turn of the DARK LOVE SLAB - how beautiful this slab of mini chocolate was. It's a thick slab of dark chocolate and tinted white chocolate swirled together with feuilletine and decorated with dried sour cherries and a dark chocolate heart. Their hearts melted when they looked at this and I think it was trying to seduce them!
CROSTINI FRUIT AND NUT - this is a milk chocolate slab with cranberries, sultanas, almonds, crostini biscuit and hazelnuts. They loved the chocolate, fruit and nut combination and definitely left the best until last.
This Love Selection is perfect for sharing and a wonderful way to introduce the love of your life to the pleasures of eating exceptional chocolate.

Now Mr Him, have you thought about what Mrs Her might like on Valentine's Day?


Trekkie said...

'tasting them on your behalf'? You are a martyr!!!!! Unfortunately, my OH isn't a 'flowers n' chocolate' kinda guy. Chocolate gives him a terrible migraine!!! This year, for St. Valentine's day, I'm having......a bike.

Margaret said...

I couldn't stop laughing at your response! Mx

Trekkie said...

Last year he got me......a guitar, which is currently collecting dust on it's stand.

Shall I phone you an ambulance now?

Cakespy said...

Woo! my type of peeping!

PS-- I had a Boyfriend once who got me a power drill for valentines day. Why, you ask? So that I could drill in the Towel Rack he got me for christmas. You can't make this stuff up, I swear. I married someone else, it goes without saying ;-)

Margaret said...

Cakespy - that's so funny! You couldn't write the script for that one. Thank you for sharing your Valentine's Day memories with us.
Personally, I don't think I would appreciate anything 'useful' on Valentine's Day! Mx
Trekkie - I think perhaps the time has now come to have a quiet word with him. Mx

Rosie said...

Heehee tasting on our behalf, I bet lol....

Those choccies look scrummy from the 'Peepster Box' yum!! :D

Rosie x

Margaret said...

Rosie - I've always been generous! Mx


Margaret, thats a lovely post to read !!
Chocs look delicious !!

Project Pink Suitcase said...

This is delightful!
Yummy stuff!
I hope Mr Him is thinking about Valentine's day. I agree, nothing practical...except maybe a heart muffin tin?

Margaret said...

Update - Mr Him bought me a beautiful orchid!