Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Caramellow Easter Egg

How could you not love an Easter egg called Rocky Road to Caramellow? I'm sure you will agree, it looks too good to eat, but here I am again, eating it on your behalf!

One of the egg shell halves is made with 40 percent cocoa house milk chocolate with crispy puffed rice, cookies and chocolate chunks. The other half-shell is made with a layer of caramel chocolate over a base of milk chocolate.

This egg is just one of the Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Eggs and you can see the full range by clicking here.

The Easter egg arrived in a very strong brown box and then inside is the most amazing black box with an embossed lid. Around the box is a band with the description of the egg which you have chosen. After you've eaten the Easter egg the box can then be re-used.

Inside the black box is the silver foil wrapped Easter egg. Black bags containing your chocolates are inside the egg shell halves. There are 14 chocolates and here are just a few that I will tempt you with - caramel crunch praline, macadamia turtles, Easter caramel chick, caramel canapes and crispy pecan praline.

If you are planning a romantic getaway at Easter, this is the perfect Easter egg for sharing.


Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Margaret, you have an eye for the most tempting choc.. wish we could get these in India..lucky you!!

Rosie said...

Hi M this is one eye candy of chocolate you have here!! Looks SO tempting want to share a slice ;D

Rosie x

Ginger Grandma said...

Hi Margaret
I've just dropped by to say thank you for visiting Ginger Grandma recently. I've only just tracked you down although I've visited Kitchen Delights in the past. I love your choice of recipes and your husband's photography.
Best Wishes

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

You posses a wonderful art of temptation, eh ! This Rocky Road to Caramellow easter eggs has tempted me. I AM planing a romantic getaway this easter !!!

Homecooked said...

Great pics and lovely chocolates.Cant wait for Easter to eat chocolates again :)

nicisme said...

How come you get all this gorgeous chocolate? I don't think it can be doing you any good - my GP recommends that you send it my way!

Kelly-Jane said...

Oooh doesn't that look fab, and the little chick, aw.