Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Snapshot Of My Day In London

Once a year I take a day trip from the West Midlands to London. The trips are, in the main, foodie related - click here to see what I got up to last year!

This year I arrived at Cale Street, Chelsea at 9.30 am on a grey but dry day - hooray!! First stop, Jane Asher's icing shop - this is quite a small shop but every square inch is filled with cake decorating goodies.

Next, Tom's Kitchen - this is on the other side of the road to Jane Asher and only a few metres down the road. We had brunch, to keep us going for a few hours. You need to make a table reservation here, it isn't a very big place and every available space is filled with tables. The staff were very polite, the food was excellent and the place had a great ambience. We were almost the first to arrive, but very soon it was packed with couples, Mums and Dads with children and early morning shoppers sitting at the breakfast bar. Tom Aiken called by as we were eating, and I have to say, for someone living such a busy life he looked very well, but then he is only very young!

Then a five minute walk to the King's Road for a spot of retail therapy. I always love Habitat on the King's Road, Heals and of course Peter Jones.

Just off the King's Road was Chelsea Farmer's Market - this market was a feast for the eyes.

We then decided to go for a walk around Kensington Gardens. Next a platter of cheese to share - we ate in the Orangerie which is situated in the park.

Last, but not least, a walk round St Pancras Station taking in the sites of all the wonderful shops in this magnificent station.

Do you recognize this clock? If you do, then you will immediately know where I was when I took this snapshot.

Yep, it was the Champagne & Oyster Bar situated in the upper concourse of the station. Sorry to spoil the image though, alas, I don't eat oysters but anything with that's always, yes please!

A quick look at the bronze statue of The Meeting Place under the clock.......then home.


Jan said...

Great pictures Maggie! Looks like a really fantastic day out.
I am in need of going to London again soon - I love it.
Great post!

Paul (Son) said...

I can't believe we did so much!!! It was a great day out Mum xxPaul

Margaret said...

Paul - I've already started planning next years day out!!!

The Caked Crusader said...

sounds like you had a great time! I keep meaning to go to the Jane Asher shop but always seem to end up ordering from the website instead

janetching said...

Hi Margaret, nice to see you had a great time in London. I don't go to King's Road very often, have to pay a visit next time when I am in UK again ; ) Nice to find your blog, btw.

Nicisme said...

Great day out! I would love to go to Jane Asher's shop - what did you buy??

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - looks like you had a great day! And I'm sure you'll find a use for you blackbird soon :-)

♥Rosie♥ said...

Oh M what an amazing day you've had in London. I would so love to visit Jane Asher's shop, but hey-ho I'd be in there far to long for the good of my credit card lol

Great post to read M

Rosie x

Sam said...

Looks like you had a great day out. I would love to go to the markets in London sometime.

Anonymous said...

Just to say what a lovely blog! WEll done!!! Keep the good work going!

Antonia said...

Certainly looks like you had a wonderful day!

Kelly-Jane said...

Love your pictures, looks like a great day.