Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hotel Chocolat Large Luxury Christmas Cracker

I was very excited to receive this Large Luxury Christmas Cracker from Hotel Chocolat.

My first thoughts are, forget buying the usual Christmas crackers this year and opt for this one instead. I am going to put mine on the table as a centrepiece and my guests will be more than delighted, especially as the cracker measures 64cm long. The cracker is tied in two places with beautiful gold ribbon and looks stunning.

The cracker contains 12 gold party hats and jokes, so there is no break with tradition, but instead of the usual plastic toys there are 40 decadent chocolates to share. The chocolates include smooth pralines, ganaches, champagne truffles, caramels and many more. The chocolates come wrapped in pairs, so there are no excuses for everyone not having a fair share of the cracker.

Hotel Chocolat have something for everyone this Christmas, they have Chocolates, Christmas Presents and Christmas Crackers.

Thank you Hotel Chocolat!


Kath said...

I looked at this cracker longingly last year, and spotted it in the catalogue this year. It would make a great centrepiece and I am very jealous.

Choclette said...

What a lovely thing to be sent. It would be a great thing to have for the Christmas meal and like Kath, I'm very jealous.

Jan said...

WOW - Paul would just love one of these!

Hazel said...

I worked at Hotel Chocolat last Christmas and these sold like they were going out of fashion! Unfortunately I never got to enjoy one myself. Definitely more of a social cracker for sharing :)

Lin, pain d'├ępices eet chocolat said...

That would look absolutely stunning here, we don't have Christmas crackers!!! It would look SO British, just what I like!
I have just read here that somebody else is jealous, I am not the only one!!!