Sunday, December 05, 2010

BBC Winter Good Food Show NEC Birmingham 2010

I have been spoilt again! I was invited to have a Press Pass for the day, which gave both me and my husband an amazing day out.

We set out on a very, very cold day to the Good Food Show, but I was so excited that I am not sure I even noticed just how cold it was!

First, off to the Press Registration Point to get our Press Passes, a much needed coffee and brownie then onto the exhibition hall to take as many photographs as possible, I think between us it was about 300 in total.

The Press Pass gave us the opportunity not only to engage with the exhibitor's but also to encourage them to do some 'posing' for photographs, which they all loved. A huge thank you to all of the exhibitors who kindly gave us their time.

We met lots of lovely people, saw some wonderful products and ate lots of amazing food too.

Two of the smiliest lady exhibitors at the show.

A very happy Hog Roast gentleman and very tasty the Hog Roast was too.

Bohra Bites, most vibrant stand and three of the proudest exhibitors.

The Chilli Queen, ah, such a lovely lady.

Celebrity Chef Mitch Tonks with Tom Parker Bowles about to start his demonstration.

Kenwood Cooking World Stand - the Kenwood developmental chef, on the right, with celebrity chef Martin Blunos, on the left.

Bottle Green - it was so cold outside even the bottles had to wear a scarf!

World Cheese Awards - this exhibition was a cheese lovers paradise.

Thank you to Ginny, BBC Haymarket Exhibitions and the Winter BBC Good Food Show Birmingham for a really great day out!


Gloria said...

Maggie these pics are nice, I know you had a very good time, I love Good food recipes, are so nice! x gloria

Peggy said...

This sounds like such a fun event!

Jan said...

Great pics Maggie and a great day out!

Sophie said...

Lucky you!! We haven't got anything that comes close to that over here in Belgium!!

Lovely pictures of everybody too!

Choclette said...

Sounds fun and I am now so wishing I was in front of that cheese counter. You weren't prevailed upon to enter any cooking challenges this time around then?

Maggie said...

Choclette - I think they decided I was far too competitive!!!

Lin, pain d'├ępices et chocolat said...

I am so glad I came to see your blog. Many things have happened! How I wish I could have been there with you! I love the atmosphere and the food looks gorgeous (the cheeses). Nice picture of the bottles!
This makes me nostalgic of England!
And you... look happy! I am glad to see that!

Perdita said...

Looked like a fantastic day out. Instead of Good Food I went to the Masterchef Live/Wine Show this year- pretty good but too crowded as they crammed both into Olympia. I think I'll take time to travel to Birmingham next time!