Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Recipease, Clapham Junction

On a very, very cold day a couple of weeks ago I went to Recipease, Jamie's food and kitchen shop for a Delicious Cocktail and Perfect Pud class.

Recipease not only looks fabulous from the outside but is a cook and foodies paradise inside. You can have an eat-in or take-out breakfast, buy a delicious latte, freshly prepared meals, books, chocolates and products from the Jamie at Home range.

We were a friendly group mainly made up of females, with a couple of men, (one of whom was my son who treated me to this class) the age range was from thirty, to quite a few people who were around my age! It was a good mix of ages and worked very well.

We were soon put through our paces by Lee, our friendly class tutor, who helped us get a vanilla cheesecake with a raspberry coulis topping and a vanilla cranberry base for our Bellini's, made in just under an hour.

After we had finished our class, we all sat around a table and had a slice of the tutors cheesecake and a glass of Bellini, into which Lee came round and sprinkled over some orange sugar. A few people in the class were celebrating birthdays or other special occasions, which all added to the experience. Whilst we were all indulging, Lee the tutor, packed our tinned cheesecake, raspberry coulis, vanilla cranberry base and a bottle of Prosecco into a rectangle carry away box.

I can recommend a class at Jamie's, no matter what your skill level is, it's just a great way to have some fun!

Maybe next time I will go to the Pasta Master Class - I have a pasta machine that has only come out of the box once - oh well...............!


Sophie said...

Good for you! This looks like a lovely place to visit & book a cooking class!! Your cheesecake looks awesome, so tasty & truly exciting too!

Thanks for sharing your culinary workshops with us!

I love making fresh pasta from scratch; I learned it from Jamie Oliver's 1st book, right at home! Once you have made it, you will make it again & again with your pasta machine!

Maggie said...

Sophie - I will visit your blog very soon and have a look at all of your lovely food.
I have got Jamie's book and in the New Year I must have a go, you have encouraged me now. Mx

Heavenly Housewife said...

I've never heard about this place before. It looks like such a fun place to take a class. I'm going to look it up.
*kisses* HH

Jan said...

Looks a great place Maggie and I love the cheesecake!

Nicisme said...

Oh that looks brilliant, I would have spent a fortune there. I have Jamie's new book on my xmas list.

Lin, pain d'├ępices et chocolat said...

I have been wanting to do a post about Jamie Oliver on my blog because I love my recipe books and people don't know him in France. I don't know if I should, I realize that I know little about him: there are stores, classes, TV shows etc... I'll have to do some research with your help Margaret, before I write this post! And oh my!!! ... that cheesecake! I love cheescakes and this one is so THICK!! Yum..

Juliana said...

How fun...and the cheesecake looks fabulous...very yummie!

Anne said...

It looks really good and glad to hear such positives about it! My auntie did one of the knife skills course ages back and enjoyed it too. Me and the mother-in-law have been meaning to go but couldn't decide which course to choose from, though the pasta one does sound good!

LexEat! said...

What a lovely gift from your son!
Sounds like a fun class in a beautiful setting!
Merry Christmas!

The Caked Crusader said...

Lucky you - looks like a great visit!

Gloria said...

Lucky you Margaret look nice and fun! gloria

Paige said...

I love these recipes! Especially the vanilla rice pudding, I will HAVE to try that one! I've been experimenting with putting some of my own recipe explorations on my blog, check it out!