7 Jul 2011

Review: Renshaw Home Baking Products

Renshaw have brought out a new range of creative baking products. The new range has been developed with the homebaker in mind and features six ranges to effortlessly transform edible treats into masterpieces.

Renshaw's Snip and Swirl: Cupcakes can be topped perfectly and effortlessly with this ready-filled piping bag of rich icing which comes in strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. There is enough icing to decorate 12 cupcakes.

Ready to Roll Coloured Icings: My favourite for children's birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookies. These are available in black, red, green, pink, blue and yellow.

Renshaw Edible Icing Ribbon: A new way to transform the sides of a cake. Simply roll the ribbon around the cake and join the edges with boiled water.

Renshaw Simplymelt: All you have to do is pop the pouch of Simplymelt chocolate chips in the microwave for three minutes and pour over crispy cakes, flapjacks and shortbread. These come in a variety of flavours: white chocolate, milk chocolate, toffee, strawberry and yogurt.

Renshaw Juniors - Magic Melting Icing: the icing has been designed with children in mind and all you have to do is warm in the microwave and pour over cakes, cupcakes and slices or blend with butter to make your own raspberry, blackcurrant and tropical buttercream.

Renshaw Juniors - Cool Coloured and Funky Flavoured Sugardough: Edible packs of icing to mould into shapes, characters and figures. Cool Coloured Sugar Dough is in a pack of red, blue, green and yellow. Funky Flavoured Sugardough comes in strawberry, orange, lemon and chocolate.

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Thank you Hannah.