25 Oct 2011

Air Wick Freshmatic Odour Detect Automatic Spray

With all the cooking that takes place in my kitchen, and the occasional lingering cooking odours from strong smelling foods, I opened up yet another freshener, but would this one temporarily mask the odours or get rid of those unpleasant cooking smells for good!

I placed the Air Wick Odour Detect freshener in the hall because for some unknown reason this is where my cooking odours seem to accumulate and one of life's pleasures is opening the front door and being greeted with a fragranced hall.

Fresh coffee always lingers and so this was a good test - good news my hallway was wonderfully fragranced but perhaps a little too much, I needed to turn the product down on intensity.

Chilli con Carne was a good test too because it leaves a pungent smell in the house, lovely whilst it is cooking and you are eating it, but not great afterwards - anyway now for the test, the hallway had no traces of lingering odours, even the next day, but just beautifully fragranced.

Mine came with a Sicilian Lemon & Ginseng fragrance, the product comes supplied with batteries and is set up and ready to go in a minute or so. There is an automatic sensor and three levels of fragrance intensity. The device is streamlined and will look good anywhere in the house although my preferred place is in the hallway.

This product is the first air freshener that can actually detect if there is a bad odour in the home and will automatically release the air freshener leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. Air Wick Odour detect has been created after 5 years of research and development and uses the same odour detect technology found in luxury cars.

The Air Wick Odour Detect is available at all major supermarkets.

Thank you Sophiya.