Thursday, October 06, 2011

Review: Zizzi Restaurant Cichetti Menu - The Mailbox, Birmingham

I went along to Zizzi Restaurant, The Mailbox, Birmingham last Sunday and was treated to a wonderful afternoon tasting the new Cichetti menu, together with an enjoyable glass of Prosecco. The staff will explain the menu when they come to your table and these little plates can be enjoyed by all.

Cichetti(Chee-Ket-Tee) are little bites from Italy and are for sharing (or not sharing!). Three to four dishes are about the size of a main dish, but far more fun. Zizzi recommend 3-4 dishes per person. You can choose 3 dishes for £12 or 5 for £18.

Gamberi - tender King prawns cooked in a fish and wine stock with a pinch of chilli, served with freshly baked dough sticks.
Ravioli Crocanti - crispy goats' cheese and spinach ravioli served with a pomodoro and basis dip.
Insalata Caprese - fresh creamy buffalo mozzarella with baby plum tomatoes, basil and freshly baked dough sticks.

Bruschetta ai Funghi - succulent mushrooms in a rich mascarpone, wine and thyme sauce, served on top of mini ciabatta bread.
Polenta Croccante - crunchy polenta chips with a sprinkle of grana padano cheese on top and a garlic mayonnaise aioli dip.
Polpette al Pomodro - mini meatballs in a rich tomato sauce with onion and mushrooms.
Saccottini - two mini calzone: one with spicy n'Duja sausage and rocket and one with pesto and aubergine.
Salsiccia al Pepe Nero - Peppery rustic Pepe Nero sausage served with a mini lentil and cannellini bean stew.
Spiedini di Pollo - oven baked chicken skewers with roasted red and yellow peppers, rosemary and lemon.

Gelato Con Frittelle - A scoop of delicious pistachio, cioccolata and a strawberry sorbet, created by Master Ice Cream Maker Kitty Travers, served on top of freshly made mini doughnuts. This isn't included in the offer - the serving is large enough for two people to share.

Zizzi is part of the Mailbox shopping centre - the Zizzi restaurant interior is funky and contemporary with a wall mural depicting the canal side area . There is a fabulous coffee machine in the bar area which glistened in the late summer sunshine, on the other side of the restaurant is a huge red pizza oven and a cooking area where you can watch the chef's at work. Zizzi is child friendly and there was a good mix of couples and families on the day of my visit.

I visited Zizzi with my husband and the standard of food was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. The manager and staff were friendly and a big thank you for making us so welcome.

Thank you Kate and Zizzi.


Anonymous said...

Booked online which was simple and very easy. However the waitress was so quietly spoken we had no idea what she was saying. The starters were fine but I ordered the lamb shack which was very cold on the inside (obviously bought in Frozen). I pointed the problem out to the quietly spoken waitress who after returning from the kitchen area informed me there were cooking a new one. This turned out to be the same shank warmed up again. Whilst I'm moaning, the table we were sat at was pushed against the wall. I moved it from the wall so my partner was seated more comfortably. The side of the wall and table was very dirty and uncared for. So what I hoped would be a nice romantic pleasant evening was spoilt by us eating at different times. NOT IMPRESSED!!!

Maggie said...

Anonymous - I hope you complained, and have also written to Zizzi and told them your dining experience was ruined. I would be less than impressed too if that happened to me. Eating out is costly and you expect to have value for money. There is nothing worse than dirty tables and if the wall was dirty too this is unacceptable. Your comment is appreciated.