17 Nov 2011

Hotel Chocolat - Chocolate Christmas Gifts - The Sleekster Classic Christmas Luxe Selection

Hotel Chocolat have an amazing selection of Chocolate Christmas Gifts, and my choice this year is The Sleekster Classic Christmas Luxe Selection. The chocolates not only look sensational but they taste sensational too. The box contains 40 chocolates with a choice of 16 different chocolates to choose from and this is the perfect selection of chocolates for everyone to enjoy.

The Chilli Truffle combination works really well, the dark truffle together with heat from the chilli is perfect. My husband particularly likes the Christmas Mess, which has a very fruity strawberry and raspberry mousse centre, is enrobed in white chocolate and decorated with crushed meringue and strawberry pieces. I love Christmas bling, and the Zesty Marzipan Star sprinkled with edible gold is perfect for me, inside the dark shell is a smooth marzipan and zesty orange truffle, so much more exciting than a chocolate with a simple marzipan centre.

The box includes treats such as Champagne Truffle, Cinnamon Praline, Mulled Wine to Ginger Cheesecake and even a Milk Christmas Tree. The descriptions and photographs on the chocolate menu are wonderful - a favourite of mine, Gingerbread Truffle a velvety smooth Christmassy ganache brimming with warming gingerbread flavours of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.........

Thank you Hotel Chocolat.