3 Mar 2012

Mermaid Baking Tray and Round Pie Dish Review

Mermaid Bakeware have sent kindly sent me a 31cm Baking Tray and a 21cm Round Pie Dish for review. I think they must have found out about my cake tin and baking tray addiction - you can never have too many. The great thing about these products is you can use your metal utensils without worrying you are going to spoil them because they are scratch resistant.

The pastry lined pie dish was baked blind and the pastry cooked to perfection. I made an egg custard and you definitely need a reliable baking tray that isn't going to warp, otherwise the uncooked egg custard will wibble, wobble all over the place.

Both of these tins are made from hard anodised aluminium and can be used for sweet and savoury baking. This amazing bakeware can withstand temperatures of 240°C/475°F/Gas Mark 9 and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Mermaid Bakeware is a reliable, trusted brand which I have used for many years and is strong and hardwearing, it can also be used either on the hob or in the oven.

They are made here in the West Midlands and are now part of one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of bakeware in the UK making everything from roasting tins to cake tins. In 1953 the first Mermaid products were introduced for use by professional chefs. In 1995 Delia Smith recommended the brand in her cookery book the Winter Collection.

Thank you Mermaid Cookware for the review products.