29 Mar 2012

Stellar Eazistore Non-Stick Bakeware Set: Review

This is the first time I have seen a nesting bakeware set and my first thoughts were, how clever is that! The Stellar Eazistore Non-Stick Bakeware Set comprises a Roaster, 12 Cup Muffin Pan, Baking Sheet, Baking Tray and Cooling Tray. Each piece is numbered to ensure they are stacked in the correct order, and because they are non-stick, you don't want the underside of one of the tins coming into contact with the non-stick cooking surface.

Here is a set of five everyday baking essentials which nest neatly together and only take up the space of one roaster, leaving more room in our cupboards. They are made from heavy gauged steel and all the edges are rolled. I ran my finger around all the products and there are no sharp edges.

The bakeware cannot be used on the hob and is for oven use up to 240°C. I started my chicken at this temperature to test the roaster and good news, the tray didn't warp. After the chicken and vegetables cooked, none of the baking juices were stuck to the pan, and it is simply a case of letting the tin cool down and washing in hot soapy water. The bakeware set is dishwasher safe but I prefer to handwash mine, and because nothing sticks, it doesn't seem necessary to put them in the dishwasher.

I have only one very small niggle, and that is, the name of the product is embossed centrally on top of the baking sheet and the baking tray, and to make biscuits, scones or similar you have to avoid the central area of the tray, or an alternative is to line the tray.
The muffin tin/muffin cases was an experiment I have carried out before (but not with this cupcake tin). I have had problems with some of my cupcake cases getting crushed in the cupcake tin and thought it was perfect timing to try this experiment again. The brown cupcake cases have been giving me problems and one make of white cupcake cases. Interestingly, none of my cupcake cases crushed and I did notice the cupcakes took slightly less time to cook.

The bakeware set looks good, it is versatile, excellent quality, and exceptional value too. I know I will be using this set time and time again.

The Stellar Eazistore Non-Stick Five Piece Nesting Bakeware Set can be purchased from Amazon and independent cookshops. There is a Stellar lifetime guarantee and a 5 year non-stick guarantee.  Please visit Stellar Cookware to see more products.

Thank you Pam and Stellar Cookware.