9 Apr 2012

Cherry Pies and Review: Chicago Metallic Bakeware

My pan from Chicago Metallic is part of their Speciality Bakeware range. I used mine to make these delicious individual cherry pies, the recipe is by Nigella Lawson from How to Eat. I'm a huge fan of the Chicago Metallic Speciality Bakeware range and own a few pieces, this new addition to my collection will serve me well, and I have a few recipes already lined up that I am really looking forward to making.

The good looking tin is non-stick, with separate disc inserts to help remove your sweet or savoury pies easily from the tin.

Supplied with the tin is a very useful two-sided pastry cutter which can be used to cut out pastry for the bases or to make a plain pastry lid. Turn the cutter over and make a cut-out pastry lid for sweet pies. The cut-outs can also be used to decorate pastry lids for either sweet or savoury pies. Individual tart cases can also be made in the tin.

Each pie cavity measures 11.2 x 11.2 x 1.5cm - the tin is well made, doesn't warp, gives even cooking, cleaning is minimal, dishwasher safe (but I personally think to look after any bakeware you should always handwash to keep them looking good), and a 25 year warranty.

This photograph shows even cooking of the cherry pie and the fluted edge.

The tin can be purchased from www.kitchenmonger.co.uk priced £18.95.

Thank you Eleanor.