Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poachies - Egg Poaching Bags: Review

Poachies are a new product to help all of us who struggle to poach an egg using conventional methods.

The Poachie is an egg poaching bag made from paper. All you have to do is fill a saucepan threequarters full with water, bring to the boil then turn down until the water is gently bubbling. Simply take a drinking mug and place the opened Poachie bag into it, crack in the egg (preferably fresh), bring both of the flaps together to close the Poachie, place vertically into the water. Put the timer on for 5 minutes then remove the bag with a slotted spoon, and drain on a kitchen towel for a few moments. Remove the poached egg from the bag by shaking the bag gently.

The above is a brief overview of how to use the product. I'm not a poached egg eater and so had to rely on my husband to do the tastings. There is no need to put any vinegar in the water or swirl or twirl the water in the hope of producing a decent poached egg.

The recommended poaching time is 6 minutes but this produced an egg, which according to my husband, was like a hard boiled egg but minus the shell. Perhaps the water was boiling too vigorously, but a conventionally poached egg wouldn't take this long to cook. I also had to tear the bag away from the egg and shaking it wouldn't release the egg.

I cooked him another poached egg, but this time for 4 minutes, he said he was so used to eating poached eggs which tasted of vinegar he was missing his hit of vinegar. He wasn't sure I had cooked the egg very well. I still couldn't get the egg to slide out of the bag.

This weekend I bought some fresh eggs and made a granary loaf to serve the egg on. I decided to cook the egg for 5 minutes with the water gently bubbling, and the poached egg was perfect. I still couldn't get the egg to slide out of the bag, but the bag tears away easily and it didn't really seem to matter. As with a conventionally poached egg, it is always going to give a better result if the egg is fresh.  The poached egg in the photograph looks lovely and it isn't very often I have been able to say that.

My husband said 'I've cracked it' and he is looking forward to more well cooked poached eggs. Hard yolks, yolks that have separated from the whites, frothy eggs whites, poached egg pans should all now be history.......

Thank you Eleanor.


Hazel - Chicken in a Cherry Sauce said...

My dad bought these and tried them out this morning! He received a hard boiled egg with the 6 minutes too. He is going to try 4 and a half minutes next time. He found the paper difficult to remove too, as well as struggling to remove the cling film with cling film poached eggs. Perhaps greasing the cling film may be a solution!

Maggie said...

Hi Hazel - thank you for your comment and feedback, it looks as though your Dad is very close to getting his perfect poached egg too.

Kelly-Jane said...

well that's something completely different! Like that your hubby says you've cracked it.

The Caked Crusader said...

These look interesting but seem to add some extra stages to making a poached egg! I'm not sure about a gadget that adds more stages!

Maggie said...

Kelly-Jane - they are different and work too.

Maggie said...

Hi CC - I understand your point but all I had to do was crack an egg into the poaching pouch and lower it into the water and it did give my husband a decent egg which doesn't happen very often.

Jeremy said...

I have tried these bags and have to say they result in the best tasting poached eggs i have ever had. This review seems focused on minor detail, not the end result which is the reason you would buy them.

i tested my opinion on my father in law this morning and he agrees. We think it must be something to do with how the egg is held together as a ball so the yolk is in encapsulated.

I am not sure what the fuss is with making it, just take a peek to see if the egg white on the top looks firm and then you are ready to eat, then just tear the bag gently to place it on your toast....voilĂ !