26 Apr 2012

Zabu Coffee - Review

Zabu Coffee are an online coffee company who deliver selected freshly roasted coffee beans direct to your door. They have a great value introductory offer - 2 bags of freshly roasted coffee beans for £12.97 and a free electric grinder worth £19.99 which includes free delivery.  All you need is a cafetiere and you are on your way to that perfect cup of coffee.

The grinder has a retractable cord and grinds your beans quickly, efficiently and fairly quietly too. My pack included the Coffee of the Month - Colombian Medellin Excelso coffee beans, 1 bag of Zabu House Blend and the free grinder. There are tasting notes on the back of every pack of coffee sent to me which is really helpful.

There is also a note on the back of the packs of coffee to say the coffee has been perfectly roasted for cafetieres and filter coffee makers. I appreciate not everyone wants to go to the expense of buying an espresso machine but this is my preferred method to make coffee, which in my case is always a latte, and so I had quite a few fabulous cups of coffee.

The Zabu House Blend 227g bag is Rainforest Alliance Certified is a 100% Aribica blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Costa Rican beans. Mild sweet and nutty with subtle fruity acidity and notes of caramel, peanut and hazelnut. Medium bodied with good levels of sweetness and acidity.  I made a cafetiere of coffee, Bailey's coffee and a latte, all coffees were excellent.

The Coffee of the Month - Colombian Medellin Excelso 227g bag is Fairtrade Certified. 100% Arabica beans. Mild, smooth medium bodied with subtle butterscotch sweetness, notes of hazelnut and winy acidity.  Yet another delicious cup of coffee......

 Decaffeinated Swiss Water Process 100% Arabica.  Ethopian Sidamo decaffeinated by consistent washing in pure Swiss water. Fruity acidity and soft berry notes. The lack of caffeine smooths the taste and lends a subtle flavour to the coffee. I was keen to try this coffee because I often buy fresh decaff coffee and always buy beans that have used the Swiss Water Process. I couldn't tell the coffee was decaffeinated, it was totally delicious with an acidity and lots of flavour.

Sumatra Blue Lingtong 227g bag is 100% Arabica. Bold, rounded and full of flavour with notes of earthy spices, ripe fruit and liquorice, full bodied with muted earthy sweetness. The coffee beans are very black and so was my shot of coffee. I know if I had tamped the grinds correctly there would have been more crema.

Zabu roast your coffee to order, the coffee beans are packed in vacuum bags, they will even grind the beans for you, if you so wish.  If you don't like any of your delivered beans they will replace them or provide you with a full refund and they can't be any fairer than that.

For £12.97, every month you can have a Zabu Coffee House Blend plus the Coffee of the Month - tasting notes are also included, and you are able to stop or change the delivery at any time.

Forget those bags of ground coffee you buy in the supermarket, once you have tried freshly roasted coffee beans you will wonder why you didn't buy fresh before.  I have bought freshly roasted coffee beans for many years now and grind them only when I am going to make a cup of coffee. We like decent coffee and these coffee beans are comparable to my regular supplier.

Thank you Zabu and Emily for the fabulous coffee.