5 Jun 2012

Good heavens! Drinking Yogurts: Review

Good heavens! Drinking Yogurts, are adult treats, made from natural ingredients, probiotic and mostly low fat too. They are made by a small boutique dairy with over 20 year's yogurt making experience.

Luscious Strawberry, Succulent Blackcurrant, Refreshing Apple and Pear contain real fruit pieces. Lemon and Poppy Seed is smooth with seeds, but don't let the seeds put you off because there wasn't any crunch with them. The combination of tang from yogurt and zing from fresh fruit is heavenly and I think I may well rename them 'Heavenly Yogurt Drinks'.  The drinks are almost as thick as a smoothie and are refreshing, sophisticated, exceptional quality and come in 250ml bottles. 

Indulgent Salted Caramel is smooth and rich, I found this one to be too much of a good thing and couldn't drink it all at once.  Fortunately, once opened the yogurt will keep safely in the  fridge for a couple of days. This yogurt could be used to flavour the batter mix of a cupcake recipe and also could be used to flavour the buttercream icing too.

The drinking yogurts are available from Tesco Express and Metros, Selfridges, Harrods, Sourced Market (St Pancras), Whole Foods Market, the Camden Food Company (8 London train stations, plus Birmingham and Leeds) and As Nature Intended.

There are 6 non-organic flavours with a RRP of £1.69 and 4 organic flavours with a RRP of £2.10.

Thank you to Good heavens! Drinking Yogurts and Martin.