18 Jul 2012

Jamie's Italian, Canary Wharf, London

It was Dance City, Canary Wharf at the end of June and Jamie's Italian was to be the starting point for our afternoon.  We were very fortunate and the sun shone all day.

Hubby and I liked this branch of Jamie's Italian, our local Birmingham branch is huge, Canary Wharf is smaller, which means not so many customers!

View finder for the children's menu and a selection of breads.

Shake Me Salad for the children

There were four adults and two small children in our party, our waiter was a natural with the little ones. He gave them both a view finder to look through - this was basically the children's menu with photographs. We ordered our bread, and the waiter took the children to look at the bread selection, he even gave them a bread stick to keep them going until our main meals arrived.

Scottish Salmon Salad

JI Warm Brownie and Almond Tart

Latte art:)
We all enjoyed our meals, our waiter had great customer service skills -  it was agreed by all he must be the best Jamie's Italian waiter ever.