11 Dec 2014

Judge Cookware Non-Stick Roast Tin & V Rack - Review

Is there anything more glorious than a roast chicken?  
My chicken was a purchase from a very popular butchers in a small market town in Shropshire. People queue down the street in all weathers waiting their turn to be served.  We all love a roast dinner but I've yet to meet anyone who loves cleaning up the roasting pan afterwards.

We're on the countdown to Christmas Day, cooking the traditional turkey and making sure we have a sturdy roasting tin. This Judge Cookware non-stick roasting tin is perfect, it oozes quality, cooks evenly and looks great in the kitchen too. The rack is elevated from the roasting tin and allows air circulation for a crispier skin whilst the fat drains away into the pan below.

Using the rack made a huge difference to the chicken it was succulent and moist with a fabulous crispy skin.  A turkey or chicken can be cooked upside down on the rack to ensure the breast meat doesn't overcook and dry out.  Half way through the cooking time turn the turkey the right way up.

Tried and Tested:
Can be placed in the dishwasher but it's so easy to clean by hand I found it's not worth taking up valuable dishwasher space.
Not suitable for hob use.
The 'V' rack is non-stick but to make even easier cleaning, simply spray the rack with oil.
The tin doesn't warp or buckle

Suitable for ovens to temperatures of 240°C

Judge TC192 Non-Stick Roast Tin & V Rack

Measures: 35cm x 27cm x 7cm

Price: £37.98

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review purposes,all thoughts are my own.