4 Dec 2014

Sponsored Video - Heinz Chilli Sauces

You work long hours, its gloomy outside and you've come home from work to be greeted by a few pieces of uninspiring chicken in the fridge. What can you do to spice things up a bit and perhaps your own life too while you’re at it :)

Well put down your oven gloves and look no further than the video to see how to add more zing to that chicken than you’d even dare to imagine.

From the video it looks like Heinz has gone all exotic on us! So cast away your HP Sauce and whilst you’re there, turn a blind eye to the Ketchup, and indulge yourself in the latest cult sauces from Heinz which will solve any dinner time dilemma.

Heinz has revealed some fabulous sauces for the taking. Whether you want to marinate, dip as you go, or just do a quick glaze on a piece of chicken under the grill, Heinz have found an imaginative way to help spice up even the most everyday meal, so you get more bang from your buck at home.

You love Sweet Chilli – you got it! How about packing a real punch on the side with a Jerk BBQ sauce - yep, you've got it! Or how about a super zingy Peri Peri Hot Pepper Sauce – well it’s all yours for the taking!

We’ve got our Heinz sauces in and started experimenting with them, so let us know how you get on with your own culinary adventures.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Heinz, all thoughts are our own.