27 Feb 2015

Lovepickle: Review

Lovepickle assortment of Indian pickles

We've been trying a selection of Love Pickle Chilli Tomato Pickles which are crafted in South Yorkshire. The ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible and the pickle is made from tomatoes, fresh chilli, ginger, garlic and various spices. They are available in mild, medium, hot, very hot and super hot. For fans of Indian or spicy food these will make the perfect accompaniment.

Lovepickle started out in 2013 and have won a Great Taste Award and a National Chilli Award for Best Pickle. Launched by Michael Sohel who gave up his career in the City to create his own brand of a unique chilli tomato pickle that he and his family had been enjoying for years.

Textures of different jars of Indian tomato chilli pickles
Premium pickles that deliver on taste, texture and appearance

I like spicy food with heat but I'm on level 1 of the chilli heat thermometer so hubby had to do the majority of the taste testing. I tasted mild, when I removed the lid the aroma was outstanding, I really enjoyed the zing, spiciness and textures. Hubby warmed up a naan bread and ate this with the mild, medium and hot, he said the pickles are very impressive and will make a fabulous accompaniment to the next Indian meal I make for him.  The super hot pickle is being passed onto a friend who is a huge chilli fan, can take the heat, loves artisan products and we know he will become a Love Pickle fan too.

Available in 180g jars they can be purchased online or from independents across the UK.

Disclaimer:  We were sent the products for review.