Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mary Berry's Whole Orange Spice Cake

Whole Orange Spice Cake
I took this recipe from Mary Berry's Christmas Collection cookery book which I've had since it first came out in 2006, although there is now an updated version.

It's an easy cake to make but one which requires using a food processor.  My small processor just coped with the amount of batter mix.
The skin was too thick and my orange had to be cooked for an hour or so
The orange should be a thin skinned variety otherwise it won't cook down enough in 20 minutes and will process into hard chunks of orange.

It's a huge cake, well it is for 2 people, I think it will feed 12 easily and because it freezes well without the icing sugar topping, it makes a very inexpensive cake to feed a crowd over Christmas and New Year. If I made the cake again I'd definitely make some type of orange topping rather than the dusting of icing sugar. The cake is very light and moist and I served my cake with double cream.

The star template is reusable and came in an assorted pack from Lidl.

I line the base and sides of my sandwich tins
 to ensure the cake doesn't stick to the tin
The recipe can be found on the Mary Berry website.


belleau kitchen said...

Simply love this.

Maggie said...

Thanks Dom:)

searchingforspice said...

It looks really lovely - I'm hoping for some Mary Berry recipe books for Christmas as I am always looking at her recipes online.

Choclette said...

What a beautiful cake Maggie and a very tasty sounding one too. said...

A whole orange?! Sounds very interesting! And yours looks lovely with the stars, so festive!

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