4 May 2017

Thermomix Raspberry Sponge Cake

Thermomix Raspberry Sponge Cake

One of the best things about a Thermomix is it's ability to whip up a cake in only a few seconds. I would never before have believed that I could be cooking dinner whilst rustling up an easy sponge cake for dessert.

I used an old school method to weigh out the ingredients and it really is a foolproof way of making a sponge cake. Simply weigh three eggs in their shells - in my case they came to 160g. The same weight of flour, butter/margarine and caster sugar.

20 Apr 2017

Coffee and Walnut Traybake Recipe

Coffee and Walnut Traybake

Coffee and walnut cake is a flavour combination made in heaven and for a coffee lover like me, it's win win!

A classic cake that shouldn't be messed around with too much and one, that for me, still has it's place in a coffee shop, regardless of how 'too cool for school' they are.

I've made this cake with instant espresso powder which can be found at the supermarket, the cake is made with a mixture of butter and margarine which produces a lighter sponge.

11 Apr 2017

Bam Real Milk Drinks - Review

Bam Real Milk Drinks

New in the Kitchen Delights fridge this month are these delicious all natural drinks from Bam. They are made from British whole milk, delicately sweetened with honey and flavoured with either cocoa or banana.

These are the only milk drinks that don't contain the usual artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives or refined sugars.

They are available in a resealable 330ml carton which easily fits into a bag if you wish to take the drink out and about with you.

6 Apr 2017

Rum, Raisin and Apple Crumble Muffins Recipe

Rum, Raisin and Apple Crumble Muffins

I love a recipe that can be used as either a cake or pudding and these definitely fit the bill.  They are equally at home eaten as is, but preferably warmed through, or removed from the cases and served with cream or custard.

If you've got a very ripe banana in the fruit bowl along with a couple of eating apples then you're more or less sorted for this recipe which can easily be adapted to make it your own.

The crumble makes them quite sweet. but if I made them again I'd definitely halve the quantity of sugar in the crumble mix. There will also be crumble mix left over but it will freeze to use in another recipe.

30 Mar 2017

Review - How to Dine Like a King at Gilgamesh, London

Interior view Gilgamesh, Camden, London

The London Reporter ticks off another gastronomic delight...

I’m so happy that I can finally tick Gilgamesh off the culinary bucket list. This restaurant has built up a good reputation, and having lived in London for many years, it’s always been on the culinary hit list.

We kicked things off in style at the suggestion of the maitre d', by sipping on cocktails in the bar area. Both of us went for a whisky based cocktail with Cointreau liqueur called ‘Make Your Mark’ which my dining companion also approved of. They were made with care and we sipped on them whilst overlooking Camden market.

After 20 minutes, we were taken through to the vast dining area. And it’s quite the show stopper. With it’s vast ceilings you will see ‘freeze’ style prints from what appears to be the Babylon era. You’ll find yourself in awe at the size of the venue as well as the huge bar! You’ll also see the odd crumpled balloon hovering near the ceiling from what can only have been from some sort of celebration the weekend before.

22 Mar 2017

Individual Raspberry Frangipane Tarts Recipe

Individual Raspberry Frangipane Tart with Ice cream

I couldn't resist buying a punnet of huge raspberries after I spotted them on one of my favourite market stalls in Bridgnorth.  I know we should buy seasonal food but they said 'buy me' and so I did. These were some of the best raspberries I've ever eaten, in fact they were far superior to the ones I grow in my garden!