10 Jan 2016

Mixed Vegetable Bake Thermomix TM5

Mixed Vegetable Bake

I recreated this tasty vegetable bake, which was one of the dishes made at the Thermomix TM5 demo by Marta the demonstrator, it has a bechamel sauce and is topped with a parsley and Parmesan breadcrumb mix.

The vegetables are cooked in a vessel called a Varoma which fits on top of the jug. Unfortunately I loaded them up incorrectly, obviously the vegetables which take the longest to cook should be at the base.

Mixed Vegetables in the Varoma

The vegetables took 20 minutes to cook, they don't want to be cooked completely because they are baked in the oven later.

Steamed Vegetables

The bechamel sauce looks a little strange at this stage -  this is the fat and flour cooked and mixed together before adding milk.

Oil and flour

The milk is added before it is cooked through and whizzed to make a smooth sauce. Or make using the all in one method which takes even less time.

Making Bechamel Sauce in the Thermomix TM5

Making flavoured breadcrumbs (I used the ends of the loaf), garlic, parsley and Parmesan.

Parsley, Garlic and Parmesan Breadcrumbs

The vegetable bake is topped with the bechamel sauce and flavoured breadcrumbs before cooking for 20 minutes or so.

Mixed Vegetable Bake topped with Bechamel Sauce and Flavoured Breadcrumbs

On this occasion there isn't a recipe because it's the one used in the demo but you can easily make this dish in the conventional way.

Back soon!