Thursday, November 26, 2015

Judge Deep Pie Maker Review

Judge Deep Pie Maker

It's that time of the year again! Cold, windy, rainy, Christmas is on the horizon, so let's stop for a warm comforting pie using the Judge Deep Pie Maker which will make a lovely homely gift.

Here at Kitchen Delights we love pies and it doesn't matter if it's a savoury pie served with gravy or a sweet pie served with hubbies beloved Birds Custard!

Christmas Deep Filled Mincemeat Pie with homemade pastry which cooked brilliantly.....

Mincemeat Pie made in the Judge Deep Pie Maker

The plates are non-stick so no worries here with sticking.

Interior of the pie maker

The pie maker is supplied with a reversible pastry cutter for the base and lids.

Pastry template and pastry for the deep pie maker

The pies are deep and so I used a couple of narrow strips of baking parchment which I overlapped and this makes it far easier and safer to remove them from the pie maker when they are cooked and piping hot. Simply place the discs of pastry into the pie maker then add the filling.

Pies being assembled in the pie maker

Now top with the lids.

Pies with lids on ready to be cooked in the pie maker

No need to preheat simply close the lid and secure with the clip.  Turn on and when the green light comes on, which only takes 2/3 minutes, the pie will be cooked in approximately 15 minutes.

I was cautious with the filling because mincemeat easily escapes out of pastry cases.  With the pie maker though it's best to fill right to the top because the pie lid will struggle to bake if the filling sinks too far down into the pie cavities. It's best to use a cooked filling which is at room temperature otherwise it will take longer to bake the pastry.

Sadly I don't have a photograph of the finished mincemeat pies in the pie maker because somehow in my excitement to try the pies I forgot to take a photograph but you can see the finished pie showing the filling at the top of this page!

Now for testing with ready made shortcrust pastry which proved to be far easier to roll and manipulate, it saves heaps of preparation time too.

Mince beef pies made in a pie maker

The pies are lovely and crisp, they can easily be trimmed to make them look neat but I prefer a savoury pie to have a more rustic homely look.  The filling doesn't leak or dry up and they were delicious.

Easy to clean - when the appliance is cold wipe with a damp cloth.
Judge 2 year Electrical Guarantee
Typical Instore Price £37.50

Disclaimer: I was sent the product for review, all thoughts are my own.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Gift Guide Ideas For the Home Cook

Taste by Laura Rowe

Taste - The Infographic Book of Food by Laura Rowe
Foodies will adore this book it's a real page turner, perfect for Christmas Day and one to keep on the coffee table after the 'big day'.  The inside of the book with it's amazing illustrations are as eye catching as the book cover. From food trends to ideas how to use ingredients, the book provides a wealth of knowledge and one to turn to time and again. A bookshelf must from talented food journalist Laura Rowe,

RRP £20
Author: Laura Rowe
Illustrator: Vicky Turner
Publisher: Aurum Press
Hardback: 224 Pages


Oh Come All Ye Tasteful - The Foodies Guide to a Millionaire's Christmas Feast by Ian Flitcroft

Oh Come All Ye Tasteful

Foodie fun at Christmas with lots of ideas about how to dine and drink like a millionaire over the festive period.  It doesn't matter if you're a competent cook or an armchair cook you'll find this a good read. The book is full to the brim with humour, some of it 'tongueincheek' but lots of useful advice too. There are 30 recipes to try including the ultimate roast potatoes covered in edible gold leaf (now there's a talking point), some recipes are ridiculously easy and others take more effort. The book covers everything from aperitifs, cocktails and wines, choosing the turkey, making Christmas Plum and Chocolate Bomb for pudding, cheese recommendations, coffee, to an unexpected petits fours recipe for chocolate covered brussel sprout!

Author: Ian Flitcroft
Publisher: Legend Press
RRP £9.99 Hardback or £6.99 ebook
Stockists: Amazon, Waterstones, Hive


Super Quick Muffin Tin Meals

Super Quick Muffin Tin Meals Cookery Book

Innovative meal ideas, both sweet and savoury, using a muffin tin. The author Melanie LaDue lives in Phoenix, Arizona and writes the blog Reasons to Skip the Housework. There are 70 delicious easy to make recipes from chicken burrito bites, mini shepherds pie to snickerdoodle rolls there's something for everyone. Portion control will be on our minds come the new year and muffin size meals will no doubt be on the menu.
For us here in the UK some of the ingredients aren't readily available but an internet search and a little imagination will help find an alternative product.

Publisher: Race Point
RRP £16.00
Available: Quarto Books


Stellar Colourtone 4 Piece Cutting Board With Kitchen Knives

Coloured Chopping Board and Knives Set

A non-slip cutting board is essential when using sharp knives, there's nothing worse than chasing a chopping board around the work surface. Supplied with 3 handy soft touch knives with sheaths for safe storage. There is a draining groove around the sides of the board which is very handy when you're cutting fruits.

Splash of colour in the kitchen.
Chefs knife 18cm, Santoku knife 14cm, Utility knife 9cm
Dishwasher safe.
Well known trusted brand.
Stellar Lifetime Guarantee.
Available in either red or lime.
Stockists: Pride Kitchens
Current Price £38.60


Judge Milk Frother

Judge Milk Frother

We love frothy coffee and this is a quick, easy and convenient way to make frothy milk for lattes, cappuccino's and hot chocolate. Simply whiz away and as if by magic the 14,000 motor will froth your milk for your very own coffee shop style drinks.  All you have to do is make an espresso, top with your freshly made hot frothy milk and hey presto latte!
Takes 4 - AA batteries.
Judge Milk Frother (TC344)
RRP £12.00
Stockists: Harts of Stur


Steenbergs Spice It Up Baking Box
Steenbergs Spice It Up Baking Box

A selection of spices from Steenbergs

The Spice It Up Baking Box contains 4 mini jars of difficult to source ingredients and will make a great stocking filler for the home cook.
Lebkuchen - a baking spice mix used to make German Christmas biscuits.
Mahlab - a rare spice from the Middle East and used in Turkish breads, pastries and cakes.
Mastic - used in the Middle East as a thickening agent in ice cream, sauces and seasoning.
Tonka Beans - originate from Guyana on the Okurinoco River. Reminiscent of vanilla and can be grated as you would nutmeg.

Steenbergs are a family-run company in Ripon, who specialise in ethical sourcing and hand-blending of spices, teas and home baking ingredients with a focus on organic and Fairtrade.

Price: £7.50

Disclaimer: Thank you to all the brands for the samples.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Review: Ella Kitchen and Tableware from Premier Housewares

Ella Textiles and Mugs by Premier Housewares

Here at Kitchen Delights we love 'a bit of retro' and this Ella Collection design, described by Premier Housewares as stylised floral in a retro design, will add fun and colour to your home.

I've been enjoying using the set of four stylish mugs - two have a white background and two with a black background, both colourways are yellow and green.

The pack of four mugs come beautifully presented and will make a fabulous gift.

Set of 4 Ella Mugs by Premier Housewares

The pack of 3 cotton tea towels to match measure w40 x h60cm.

Ella Tea Towels by Premier Housewares

To complete the retro look there are double oven gloves, single oven glove, apron, lap tray, table mats and coasters and they will all make a lovely gift.

Set of 4 porcelain mugs £13.49
Pack of 3 cotton tea towels £9.99
Stockist: Prime Furnishing

Disclaimer: We were sent the products for review, all thoughts are our own.