Sunday, January 14, 2007


I love a well made chicken pie, and this recipe is especially good. The lid is made with puff pastry, always a winner in my house.


ISBN 0-00-723573-9
- Page 91

Serves: 6 people.

Skill Level: Easy

Taste Test: Full of flavour and very comforting.

I didn't follow the recipe to the letter but made a few adjustments. Chicken thighs were used in the original recipe - but I am afraid that I am not a lover of these and so I cooked up some chicken breasts instead. Also Sophie uses dried rosemary in her recipe but I think fresh is a much better option. Leeks play a big part in this recipe and so tasty organic are best, after all you only get out of a pie what you put in. A pie raiser was placed in the middle of the dish before topping with the puff pastry otherwise the pastry is in danger of slipping from the sides of the dish.
Sophie suggests serving this with roast potatoes - how right she is.

Kitchen Equipment Used: Falcon oblong enamel pie dish.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret! What a useful and interesting blog! I like that you mention what utensils you used! The pie looks yummy!
Freya x

Margaret said...

It tasted wonderful. I must make another pie very soon.