Sunday, January 21, 2007


I am a cappuccino lover and also love a good cupcake! A combination made in heaven for me, and so there was nothing for it but to have a go at making these.


ISBN 0701168889 - PAGE 199



TASTE TEST: Very light coffee sponge, with minor adjustments made to the topping this proved to be light, sticky and not too sweet.

The sponge used instant espresso powder instead of the usual coffee granules or coffee essence. The coffee taste was far superior and gave a much more sophisticated taste. I am now a convert to instant espresso powder.
The mixture for the cupcakes was just whizzed in the food processor and so that part was extremely easy.
I read somewhere that the topping was toothachingly sweet and so I proceeded with caution, making some minor adjustments to the recipe.
My adjustments are as follows: I used 45g white chocolate, 85g unsalted butter, 142ml sour cream and 130g icing sugar. By looking at the original recipe you will see I have cut down considerably on the icing sugar and to counteract the sweetness I used quite a lot more sour cream.
The topping was softly set and sticky, but perfect on taste for me.
These cakes were gratefully received by the lucky people who got to eat them!

KITCHEN EQUIPMENT USED: Magimix Food Processor


Garrett said...

Fantastic! I agree with your comment that eating well at home can affect the going out experience.

I hope you submit these to the cupcake challenge on my blog. I never even thought of a cappuccino cupcake!

Margaret said...

They are very yummy!! Thankyou for inviting me to take part in your Cupcake Challenge.

nurturingcareermama said...

So far, I've only made these with coffee - as I had no instant expresso. Will definately have to get some, sounds like it will make these all the more yummy.

I stuck to the original recipie with the topping, and yes it is rich, but at least it stops you wanting to go onto eating a 2nd or 3rd cup cake.