Sunday, July 05, 2009


Have to admit I am more than 'a bit of a Bill Granger fan'! I have all of his books - and please don't tell my husband - but they really do earn their place on the bookshelf.

The peaches came from our new Lidl store and excellent they were too. I am trying out some of their fruit and vegetables at the moment and so far so good. The milk costs less than a pound for two litres and they sell some really great chocolate!

Our Lidl store is only a five minute car journey away and was built in what I would describe as Waitrose country. The residents who live nearby, first refused Waitrose and then Marks and Spencer. Waitrose took over our huge Safeway Supermarket and so as they say every cloud has a silver lining!

I didn't use Bill Granger's recipe for the meringues because I am hopelessly addicted to Nigella's mini pavlova recipe. Here is Bill's recipe for the peaches in rosewater syrup.

This was a really easy recipe to make and has the added advantage that it looks as though you spent the best part of the day preparing it. I hope you take advantage of the peaches at the moment and make this pretty desert!


Kavey said...

Looks utterly delicious!

Sylvie said...

Waitrose is wonderful, but you just can't beat Lidl for some stuff. Their German Grillwurst/Bratwurst is fantastic for a BBQ.

The Caked Crusader said...

What gorgeous colours - the rose syrup that the meringue is sitting in looks amazing

Beth said...

Looks lovely summery. Lidls has some gems!!! I love their chorizo, parmesan, jams, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Sophie said...

MMMMM,...a georgous & fine recipe!

I am also a huge fan of Bill Granger, as you know by now!

James said...

Rosewater. Knew there was something I forgot to buy yesterday..... Turkish delight next week.

Good old Nigella. Measure the circles - could have done with that tip when I made hazelnut pavlova a couple of years ago - they turned out enormous.

Rosewater syrup sounds so good.

Maria♥ said...

Perfect summer dessert!!


♥Rosie♥ said...

Lidls have hidden little gems!! Your dessert looks perfect for summer m and I love the idea of the rose sauce!!!

Nicisme said...

OK, I've stopped licking the screen now!!! Looks brilliant.

Kelly-Jane said...

A perfect summery pudding.

We have just had a Lidl open up half an hour from us, I'll have to go in if there is great chocolate!

prettybaker said...


Jan said...

Love Waitrose! I've also got quite into Bill Granger lately.
Love the look of these meringues.