Sunday, September 13, 2009


My husband has just bought himself a new toy - a Weber Spirit barbecue - he's even bought some of their accessories. It was pleasing to see him, instead of the usual suspect (me), buying utensils he didn't really need, but I have to say they do lure you into parting with your cash, they are sleek in design and also very practical.

The previous week he 'faffed' about with barbecue and kept asking for opinions and help on how he should go about cooking the food on his new barbie, it really is a learning curve with the Weber, as they recommend cooking with the hood down for some foods.

As you can see from the photograph - the barbecue was delicious!

I knew we would need a very easy and quick dessert to eat after the barbecue because I had to be prepared for the 'faffing' again! Idly flicking through the pages of the September issue of BBC Good Food Magazine I stumbled upon this glorious recipe for roasted plums.

Roasting plums brings out the very best flavour and the wonder of this simple recipe was the vivid purple juices that oozed from the plums to make a delicious sauce. I allowed my plums to cool down for 10 minutes or so and served them simply with double cream poured over. Unfortunately, the photograph doesn't show the wonderful juices that came from the plums, perhaps due to more 'faffing'.

You will need:

140g white granulated sugar, ¼ tsp cinnamon, 1 large egg white, 12 ripe purple or red plums

1. Heat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/gas 6.
2. Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. Whisk the egg white, then roll the plums first in egg white and then the cinnamon sugar until very well coated in a sugary crust.
3. Space apart in a buttered baking dish then bake for 15 minutes or until the plums are crusty, cooked through and starting to be juicy (I allowed mine to be quite juicy without the plums collapsing). To test poke in a cocktail stick, if it goes in easily, they are ready.
4. Serve with creme fraiche, ice cream or double cream.


James said...

So you've been playing the sugar plum fairy?

The charcoal BBQ's with hoods are great, never tried it with gas. Close the hood and it acts like a oven - like cooking on combi. With the charcoal it traps in the smoke giving the food a much better flavour. But also you can BBQ whole joints of meat (or beer can chickens) because of the better heat distribution.

Janice said...

looks great! I have my garlic butter recipe just have to find time to make and blog it!

Sophie said...

MMMMMMMM,...I am glad that you had fun with your BBq!! The food looks great too!

I love your plum recipe: easy yet so tasty!!
fab food!

Gill the Painter said...

That bbq is a beaut!
I've never owned a bbq & bought one for the first time in June & love it.

Lid down mostly, I have a griddle pan in there, and do a lot of a la plancha style cooking.

But as autumn approaches, I'll be spreading my inexperience wings onto roasts and game I should think - inclusive of venison sausages and venison burgers.

Good post, & stunning pictures too.

The Caked Crusader said...

Your barbecue meal looks a little more upmarket than my usual "sausage in a bun" experiences!

Jan said...

Maggie your BBQ's are just so posh! All that food looks delish! I Love the roasted plumb recipe too!

Sam said...

I'd love a Weber they're just so versatile, the food you've cooked on it looks wonderful.

Your dessert looks great, I love roasted stone fruit of any kind, peaches are good too.

Karine said...

I love plums but I have never tried roasted plums.... your roasted plums look delish! thanks for sharing :)

Heavenly Housewife said...

what beautiful plums, and a fabulous looking barbecue. Hubby bought a barbecue too, but here in stoke the sun hardly came out this summer, so it wasn't actually used :(