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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I can't resist making this at least once a year and somehow this dessert seems very appropriate for the festive season especially if you, like me, enjoy Baileys.

Cheesecake doesn't come much easier than this recipe, it's taken from the back of a Philadelphia Cream Cheese pack - too many years ago to remember.

The wonderful thing about this particular recipe is the ease with which it is made and definitely no cooking skills are required here, also it is a no bake recipe. Another positive, it isn't cloying which can be a characteristic of many cheesecake recipes. This definitely benefits from an overnight chill in the fridge and eaten the next day to give the flavours a chance to mingle and develop.
Mine, didn't manage to benefit from an overnight stay in the fridge. If you do let it sit in the fridge overnight the air bubbles in the cheesecake layer will disappear.

Serves: 10 people

A 20cm or 22cm springform cake tin. Grease the base. Put to chill until required.

For the base you will need: 225g digestive biscuit crumbs, 75g melted butter, 2 tablespoons cocoa powder.

Filling: 1 packet lemon jelly (dissolve in 150ml boiling water, allow to cool), 2 x 225 packs Philadelphia (softened at room temperature), 150g caster sugar, 4 tablespoons of Baileys (or to taste), 100ml milk (I use semi-skimmed), 100ml whipping cream (lightly whipped).

1. Mix the biscuit crumbs, butter and cocoa. Press into the base of a buttered springform cake tin. Put to chill until required.
2. Beat the Philadelphia until smooth, Add the sugar, Baileys, milk and dissolved and cooled jelly. Blend well. Fold in the cream.
3. Pour onto the prepared crumb base and chill until firm and set.
4. Decorate.


Jan said...
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Lucie said...

Looks wonderful Margaret - it doesn't sound too difficult to do and looks perfect! Thanks for the idea. Lucie x

Kath said...

Looks very delicious and Bailey's is the drink I associate with Christmas too.

Sam said...

This would be perfect for Christmas, it looks impressive and sounds delicious!

nipitinthebud said...

mmm, that looks so delicious. Baileys is always pulled out at mum's at Christmas time - what a good way to use it up after, it doesn't keep forever afterall and such a shame to waste it (hic!)

Sophie said...

Your baileys cheese cake looks fenomenal!!

Waw!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,...My husband & I would like to savour at least 2 large pieces !!!


Bea said...

Perfect for Christmas. Looks very Delicious and mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing.

Nathr3 said...

Where can I find lemon jelly? I live in Belgium Could I order it online somewhere?

Margaret said...

Hi Nathr3 - unfortunately, I can't help with the lemon jelly.

Lynn said...

Margaret, can I try this recipe and write about the result in my blog?

Margaret said...

Lynn - of course you can.
I have made this in the past with low fat cream cheese but full fat is definitely best.

ginelli said...

cant believe how simple it looks, and no bake! every other recipe i looked at was bake and seemed complicated, this looks great cant wait to try it, thanks

ginelli said...

cant believe how simple it seems..all the other recipes i've looked at have been for baked cheese cake and they seemed really complicated,cant wait to try this, thanks

jessdaff said...

what size packet of jelly do you use??

Maggie said...

It was just an average pack of jelly, I was unaware they came in different sizes.

Jessdaff said...

Ooooh ok, it was just because on the packets they say put a pint of water in so i was wondering if there were smaller packs, thanks :), it taste beautiful btw!!

Maggie said...

Ah right I understand now! It doesn't matter how big the jelly pack is because you are only making the water up to 150ml and not the pint as it says on the pack. This is to give the cheesecake a better set, otherwise it would be sloppy.
Thanks for coming back for the reply.