Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I've got the glitter bug! Ask me to make either a cupcake or a cake for Christmas and glitter always makes an appearance. It's something to do with my love of Christmas bling, which is perhaps the only time I can realistically get away with it.

My cupcakes are a vanilla flavoured sponge topped with lemon flavoured royal icing. The cupcakes were baked in gold foil cases and when the cupcakes have cooled down, the peaks are cut off with a knife to give a level cake surface. Smother the cupcakes in icing and leave to set.

Cut out some fondant icing shapes and leave them to dry for a while. Brush with a little water and dust the shapes with glitter. Now brush the underneath of the fondant shapes with water and place onto the cupcakes. Sprinkle with yet more glitter.


Gloria said...

Margot your cupcake slook lovely, I really ove your shapes, are so cute!! gloria

Lin, pain d'├ępices et chocolat said...

I was thinking of you! How are you coping with the snow? Blogging instead of going out?
Back to the cupcakes:
I would never have thought of cutting the top for a flat surface, and I didn't know one could eat "glitter', that is great news (although I am sure we don't have that in France), I am blad to realize too, that it is possible to make cupcakes with a simple sponge recipe! Great!
I have prepared a post about cupcakes too, coming soon.

Jan said...

You're so much better at baking than I am Maggie!

Maggie said...

Veronique - I think I should have said it's edible glitter made especially for sugarcraft work!

hopeeternalcookbook said...

Such pretty cupcakes and so seasonal too!
I would love to decorate my Christmas Cake with silver edible sparkle and possibly stars and wonder where you bought yours. I am having trouble finding them in UK High St shops. I know Hobbycraft sell it but they are miles away and I could order online from various sources. Are you, or one of your readers, aware of a UK supermarket, store, or similar, that stocks either (especially the glitter).
Many thanks in advance!
'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

Maggie said...

HopeEternalCookBook - when I am out and about I tend to pop into sugarcraft shops and buy my glitter (even though I don't know when I will use it!).
Otherthan that I buy online and try to find the cheapest postage. I haven't come across any high street stores who sell sugarcraft though, which is a shame. M x

hopeeternalcookbook said...

Thanks Maggie:
I don't even know where my nearest sugarcraft shop is I'm afraid - I haven't really got into the cupcake craze! I will have to ask around and keep my eyes open. I expect that the major supermarkets will eventually wake up and realise that they could sell this stuff too!
PS Thanks for giving me a mention in your sidebar, but please could you correct the name of my site which is: Meanderings through my Cookbook - much appreciated! h/e

nedj said...

Huummmm !!!
So beautiful even for the eyes !
See you soon !

Heavenly Housewife said...

Your Christmas cupcakes look so sweet. I think half the fun of making cupcakes is decorating them. THe edible glitter is just fabulous :)
*kisses* HH

Lucie said...

Beautiful! So festive! Lucie x

pigpigscorner said...

So pretty and so festive!

Choclette said...

Lovely looking cupcakes Maggie. Your bakes always look so elegant, Christmas bling notwithstanding. I still haven't managed to find any glitter to use yet.