Sunday, December 18, 2011

Iced Reindeer Christmas Cake

A Reindeer Christmas Cake for my two small grandchildren and their Mummy and Daddy! I know it's unusual for small children to like fruit cake, but they both really enjoy it.

A very easy cake to decorate using Christmas red icing, two sizes of reindeer cutters, a Christmas tree cutter, red glitter, small red and gold stars, a dusting of snowflake sprinkles, and two different ribbons. Some of the items were purchased on my day out to Cake International in Birmingham last month, and as you can see I used my time well!

Back soon!


Elpiniki said...

It looks amazing!
Love your blog!
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Kath said...

Another fabulous Christmas Cake this year Margaret. You are the queen of Christmas cakes.

Lin, Pain d'Epices & Chocolat said...

I am going to make a nice cake for Christmas eve, and I have some cookie cutters (although I would love to have such a lovely reindeer). So thank you for the decoration ideas. For Christmas day, we'll have the traditional log cake, like everybody here.

Kelly-Jane said...

Very sweet indeed :)

Maria♥ said...

What a gorgeous Christmas Cake :)


Maggie said...

Elpiniki - thank you!
Kath - goodness me, I had better not let you down now!
Kelly-Jane - thank you.
Maria - thank you.

Choclette said...

That's really pretty too - a good one for the kids, but I am particularly taken with your silver one.