14 Jan 2014

Making the Most of Local Produce - Bridgnorth Market

Fresh veg from the market
I never make New Year resolutions and why would I want to start the year making resolutions that only serve to make me miserable.  If I had vowed to cut out coffee, eat less cake and do without the odd biscuit, this wouldn't be a good start to the year.

I decided this year it would be great if I could make more effort and visit Bridgnorth Market to stock up on local vegetables.  We visited a stall under Bridgnorth Town Hall and bought dirty carrots, dirty local potatoes and dirty parsnips! - a snip at only £1 per bag.  Red onions, white onions, sprouts on the stalk complete with sprout leaves, purple sprouting broccoli, leeks and a cauliflower.  The total sum spent was £7.50.

Opposite the veg stall is the meat stall run by one of the local butchers shops.  Here I bought a loin of pork and a pack of ten chicken breast fillets - amount spent £16.50.  Next stop the flower stall and two bunches of flowers for £2.00.

We moved to the high street stalls and bought 6 huge baking potatoes, a bunch of grapes and bananas for £4.00.

After this we made a beeline for one of the fabulous local independent coffee shops, a swift walk along the high street, well it was really cold, and made our way home.

Storing the vegetables is important because I can't let all of this go to waste.  I use a variety of ways to store my fruit and vegetables to help keep them fresh.  The carrots are stored in a trusted Tupperware vegetable keeper which I have had for many years.  Other vegetables I want to store in the fridge are placed into Stay Fresh Longer bags which I buy from Lakeland.

The onions, dirty potatoes and baking potatoes are stored separately in these Stay Fresh vegetable keeper bags which I store in a large drawer in my kitchen.  I bought my bags from either the Kleeneze or the Betterware catalogue.

I often use my local greengrocer for my fresh produce but the market was a more cost effective approach and it was fun too.

Now I have to plough my way through this lot........wish me luck!