8 Mar 2014

In Search of the Perfect Scone Recipe

I like to put cream on my scone first and then a dollop of  jam, I'm not fussed about cream/jam or jam/cream but I do like to see the jam dripping down the cream.  Now that's my excuse because the strawberry jam I made last year didn't set very well and drips everywhere.

At home we always eat our scones with butter................

I'm always looking for the perfect scone recipe but I think you have to be light handed to make a scone regardless of the recipe.  I wouldn't say scone making comes naturally to me, I must be a bit heavy handed.  I've tried the 'only scone recipe you will ever need', the 'ultimate scone recipe', the 'best scone recipe ever', 'the perfect scone' - I've made all of them.

Where I used to work the scones were huge and I could always taste the raising agent, but I loved them. I asked the cook how she managed to get them to rise so much and she said 'bicarb'.

My favourite scones are the ones I have eaten at Allpress, Shoreditch, London - they are huge clouds of yumminess and topped with amazing jam and cream - oh how I long for this recipe.

My best scone recipe is by Delia Smith, they are easy to make and are successful every time. I can't find the recipe on her site but it's here on the BBC Food website.

Roll out to 2.5cm and place on a floured tray (it's easier to clean a floured tray)

Fresh from the oven
              These scones freeze well, defrost and refresh in a microwave oven for a fluffy scone.

I'm still looking for the scone recipe with that special something which will produce a huge fluffy scone and as soon as I find it my readers will be the first to know with a recipe to accompany.

In the meantime here's a few scone recipes I've made previously.