1 Feb 2007


On a shopping outing with my husband I spotted a wonderful bundt tin - it said buy me and so I did! I saw an article on mini bundts by Brilynn on her foodblog Jumbo Empanadas and so I decided to have a go.


ISBN 0701168889 - PAGE 26

Makes: 6 cakes

Skill Level: Easy

Taste Test: Doughnut texture and slightly sticky.

These are made with plain yoghurt and so obviously I used some that I had made. I thought these would be a fairly bland cake mixture and so I added a teaspoon of culinary lemon oil to liven them up. I read on another foodblog that they had added some raisins to the mixture because they also felt the sponge was rather bland.
They are a doddle to make, even a child with the necessary supervision could have a go at these. The bundt tin needed lots of greasing otherwise I think they would just stay in the tin forever! I use Cake Release to grease tins and the problem of turning cakes out isn't a problem anymore. These could be made in muffin cases - just spray the cases first with an oil mister.
The topping is made with lemon juice and icing sugar - you really need the hit of lemon in the icing otherwise these cakes are in danger of being too bland.

Kitchen Equipment Used: Nordic Ware Bundt Tin.