22 Feb 2009


Do you still have some marzipan lurking in the back of the kitchen cupboard from Christmas!! Here is the perfect recipe to use up some of the leftover marzipan.

This recipe is also useful to make if you have an orange that has possibly gone a little past its best. You simply cook the whole orange in a saucepan, pop it into the food processor, whizz to a puree and add this to the cake mix.

Unfortunately, this recipe is quite heavy on calories. Perhaps you would prefer just to look at the photograph, but then again, you might just be tempted. After all, they were really, really delicious. Mr Him tends to put on weight just looking at food, whilst I am the complete opposite and so it makes sense to mostly leave these type of indulgences for a special treat!

As you can see from the photograph I lined all but two of the loaf tins. A very wise decision on my part because the cakes have a tendency to stick.

For me, they were a little on the sweet side, whilst Mr Him thought the sweetness was perfect. If I was to make these little cakes again, I would definitely cut down on the amount of marzipan used.

The recipe came from Waitrose Seasons Winter Cookbook 2009, which just happens to be a freebie you can pick up at the check out!