Sunday, September 11, 2011

Giant Chocolate Buttons Cupcakes - National Cupcake Week 12-18 September 2011

It's National Cupcake Week and I decided to make some very easy chocolate cupcakes and decorate them with giant chocolate buttons.

The Giant Chocolate Buttons are from Marks and Spencer and look like real buttons. They come in a fabulous box with a real button attached, all of the buttons are in individual wrappers to stop the chocolate getting marked. Brilliant product.

I am not going to take any credit for the idea of using these buttons because the lady who owns my local coffee shop makes cupcakes topped with these, so lets say, I just borrowed the idea. I know she won't mind and will be flattered that I went home and made some too.

I have been having some problems with cupcake cases from one of the large supermarkets getting squashed in my muffin tin. By this, I mean when the cupcakes have been removed from the tin the concertina's on the cupcake cases have squashed themselves into the baked cupcake, it doesn't happen to all of them though. I think this is because the cupcake cases are too large for the tin. It isn't a problem that I have encountered before. Has anyone else had any problems with cupcake cases or am I on my own with this problem?

Happy Cupcake Week!


The Caked Crusader said...

What a lovely way to use these buttons - they look great.

When you say squashed, what exactly do you mean - are they too big for the tin?

Nom! The Indulgent Baking Blog said...

wow I love these! I'm borrowing this idea too...

Gloria said...

WOW! I love these maggie, look georgeous!! gloria

Kath said...

Love the buttons! My cases fit in the tin,but I have been having trouble with them leaching their colour recently, which puts me off using them.

Maggie said...

CC - I have republished my post because it wasn't very clear. Whilst cooking, the cupcake cases have embedded themselves into the cupcake and the concertina's on the cupcake case become squashed. It doesn't happen on all of them though. The cupcake cases are from Sainsbury's and I bought these because they stay very white after the cupcakes have cooked.

Kath - the leaching of colour is interesting and something I haven't come across before.

HELEN said...

I love those buttons, I must go & get some! Cakes look gorgeous.

Choclette said...

The buttons are wonderful - think I might be paying a trip to M&S soon.

I haven't come across your cupcake problem, but I have found that with some cases I've bought the concertinas don't stick to the cake and come away making for a rather ugly and disappointing finished product. The ones I use as standard though (EasyBake), seem to be fine (touch wood).

Antonia said...

I have the exact same problem, Maggie. Despite my tins being a regular size, I have been struggling to find cases that are the right size.
Love the look of these button cupcakes - they are fantastic!

Mandy Farrren said...

I have been having this problem a lot lately and have had to return 5 packs of cases. The tall very tight and straight cases are okay, but most of the pretty patterned ones, which are stocked by most on-line retailers just do not work. I find the foil cases to be the most reliable. I wish someone in the manufacturer's would make nice, deep, tight cases which actually fit in the tin and do not come out of the oven all crinkled into the mixture, or with the colour all leaking or the cake showing through them.
Mandy Farren

Maggie said...

Mandy - thank you for your comment, especially as I thought it was only me who was having these problems. I find the white cupcake cases from Lakeland don't give this problem but you only get nine cupcakes and not twelve because they are tall. Also I find the Dr Oetker baking cases don't give me any trouble. The brown cupcake cases from Morrisons scrunch up as do the white ones from Sainsbury's. I like the white ones from Sainsbury's because the cake doesn't show through but they scrunch up. I am going to Cake International this week and hopefully I will be able to ask a few questions to some of the experts on the stands then. I will then leave a comment in this box if I find out any useful information.

Mandy Farrren said...

I have just ordered some spotty cases from squires on-line , so I hope they will be good, they are one of the leading sites for cake decorating supplies, so I am hoping they will be good. I used the ones from Lakeland for a wedding, when I needed 120 cupcakes, but you are right, they are huge!!
Have just bought the buttons from M&S to try the button cupcakes- just need some reliable cupcake cases in brown now!!! Let me know if you found any decent ones at the cake exhibition and if you don't mind, email me the website details. I would love to go myself, but I have to prepare and bake for a vintage baby shower tea party I am doing next Saturday.
Kind regards

Maggie said...

Hi Mandy - yesterday at Cake International it was impossible to ask my questions, which was disappointing, at almost every stall they were three to five people deep all waiting to be served!
However, Sugar Shack
said it was the base measurement on the cupcake/muffin tin which was important and not the top measurement to stop the crushing of cupcake cases. The base measurement on the underside of the tin must be 5cm across.
I use brown muffin cases from Morrison's. Because you have ordered from Squires perhaps you could email them with your questions - I am sure they will be very helpful. I couldn't email you because all addresses are hidden from me on Blogspot. Sorry I can't be more help, if you find any more answers perhaps you would be good enough to get in touch with me again. Thanks M