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Saturday, December 02, 2006


This recipe and method was an amalgamation taken from two cookery books. I made this on a cold Autumn day and was delighted with both the recipe and method. The suet pastry is simplicity itself. Light servings of vegetables are the only accompaniment required.

The recipe was taken from:


ISBN: 1904573533 - PAGE 178

SKILL LEVEL: Moderate.

TASTE TEST: The red wine sauce was delicious, as was the filling. The suet pastry was not too heavy.

This is steak and kidney pudding with a twist, as red wine, as well as beef stock is used to cook the stewing steak. The filling ingredients are left to cool and then the individual pies can be assembled. By using this method the pies cook in 2 hours instead of the usual 5 hours steaming time. I did not use the quantities stated, as I was going to make the puddings in four small basins, but used the quantity of meat specified in the book mentioned below.

The method used was taken from:


ISBN: 1405303379 - PAGE 310 - (Marcus Wareing recipe)
For a similar Marcus Wareing recipe

The method used to line the individual basins (lining them with clingfilm) was something I had not come across before, but I will be using this method again as the puddings came out of the tins so easily.


jaygirl said...

I'd never have thought of lining the tins with cling, what a good idea, i'll be doing that from now on.

Margaret said...

The cling certainly worked well and stopped all the juices leaking out. Made them turn out easily too.