11 Dec 2006


Hidden inside beautiful boxes at Christmas time are panettone. These are Italian and are a cross between bread and cake. They come in all different flavours, chocolate, plain, mixed fruit etc. For this pudding you will need a fruit panettone. Also, if you do not use all of this bread, it freezes well.


ISBN 0563488492 - Page 113

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Serves: 4 people

Skill Level: Easy

Taste Test: A very creamy sauce with a good kick of vanilla, the bread is light and fluffy.

The recipe suggests buttering the panettone but I think it is rich enough and so I do not bother doing this. If I do not have any double cream then I have used light Elmlea double cream, the only difference this makes is that the sauce does not set but is the consistency of double cream. I always reduce the amount of sugar i.e. one tablespoon instead of the two tablespoons suggested. I find it too sweet otherwise. Cook this for 30 minutes and check to make sure the custard hasn't set too much, if it is still too runny give it another 5 minutes.

Kitchen Equipment Used: Balloon Whisk.